Cibay – Santai Sejenak


Cibay (pronounced “sigh-buy”) is a Filipino word that means “bald” or “hairless.” It can be used as a noun or an adjective.


* **Cibay** – a bald person

* **May cibay** – someone who is bald


* **Calbo** – bald

* **Calba** – bald (female)


* **May cibay ang tatay ko.** – My father is bald.

* **Si Maria ay calba.** – Maria is bald.


* **Calbo de cabessa** – completely bald

* **Calbo de cara** – bald on the face

* **Calbo de frente** – bald on the forehead

* **Calbo de nuca** – bald on the back of the head

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